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David (Dov) Fishman

David Fishman founded ACIM in 1977 and recognized it as a valid source of Reality. Being a moderator of an ACIM Group in NYC in the 1980s, I experienced that when students were given the ability to moderate, they became powerful teachers. They had developed trust in a higher wisdom.


ACIM Gather, which began in 2004, has been a boot camp for many of today's Teachers. The One Mind Foundation was founded in 2008 with the mission to expand our vision of inclusion & equality.

David's book, Into Oneness, is based on the metaphysical spiritual teachings of A Course in Miracles. Its foundation is the realization of our connectedness through the concept of Oneness. Currently, I mentor Course students reminding them that Miracles are everyone's right but purification is necessary first.


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ACIM Gather for A Course in Miracles is a joint venture of

The One Mind Foundation and The Community Miracles Center.

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David 'Dov' Fishman

Dov Fishman is a beloved teacher and mentor.  He is the founder of the
One Mind Foundation and for over 10 years he operated ACIM Gather.  
Dov’s knowledge and understanding of the principles of 
A Course in Miracles are legendary.
He is indeed a true Teacher of Teachers.

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