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The One Mind Foundation

Publisher of

Miracles Magazine

The One Mind Foundation is based on the principle that there is but One Mind of which we are all part and from which no mind is exempted. God has no favorite children, and everyone has equal access to Spirit because we all are Spirit. No one is better or less worthy than another. Our task is simply to awaken to the reality of who we already are in truth. To practice these principles, we simply step back and let Spirit lead the way.

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Miracles Magazine

Classroom for the Universal Course

In production since 1985



Got a Miracles Story?

Miracles occasionally publishes original works submitted by subscribers. Do you have a story of how A Course in Miracles has changed your life? Or perhaps, an example of forgiveness, a change of mind, a new way of seeing, or stories of how people have used ACIM in their lives? Tell us your story in less than 400 words. While we can't promise that we'll be able to publish each one, we hope to include a few throughout various issues. If you have such a story, send it our way:

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What is A Course in Miracles?

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First and foremost, A Course in Miracles is a course, an educational program. It is designed to take its students through a process of internalizing its thought system. In this process, we learn to accept into our minds and extend to others what the Course calls miracles, which heal the perception of the one receiving them.


A Course in Miracles is a path of spiritual development that takes the form of an educational course consisting of a Text, a Workbook for Students, and a Manual for Teachers. Its aim is to reeducate our basic perception of reality and teach us to extend this new perception to others so that we can both give happiness and find happiness.




Who Wrote A Course in Miracles?

The Course has no human author in the conventional sense but was authored through a process of inner dictation. Helen Schucman (1909-1981) and William Thetford (1923-1988) were respected psychologists at the top of their field working at Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City. In the summer of 1965, after years of conflict with each other and within their department, Bill made an impassioned speech to Helen in which he said, “There must be another way”—a way in which people could cooperate rather than compete. Helen surprised him by saying she would join him in this new approach. It was a rare moment of joining for them, which they knew was significant at the time, but which had repercussions far beyond what they could have imagined.

Its purpose is to guide us to a state of deep peace, no matter what experiences we go through. It does this by undoing the ego (that critical voice inside the mind). A “miracle” is a shift in perception, a moment that allows us to experience love's presence and power. ACIM teaches us exactly how to trade Fear for Love and to tap into the guidance and wisdom of our spirit. Its major focus, unlike other spiritual practices, is on healing relationships. This approach is the fastest way to heal body, mind, and heart, resulting in a life of fulfillment and incredible joy.


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Through a one-time or recurring donation, you can help us continue to serve students – regardless of location or financial means – at every stage of their journey with the Course. Contributions are a primary source of funding and your support allows us to strengthen and add to our library of offerings, while also continuing to provide programs and materials free of charge to those who are not able to pay for them.

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